short cape

A short cape or cloak is often worn with the housebook doublet instead of a gown, casually thown over one shoulder... It is very common in the artwork, so I've just picked a few examples:

two card players Sol und seine Kinder Niederwildjagd Venus und ihre Kinder

short capes worn over the doublet

November 23, 2009: That cape looks rather straightforward to make so we started by cutting out both outer fabric and lining this weekend. I want to reinforce the edge of the cape with strong linen (which still needs to be washed) before I make the eyeholes for the fastening cord. We used the whole width of the woolen outer fabric so we ended up with a piece that is a bit more than half a circle... Unfortunately the silk we wanted to use as lining had less width so we had to cut the lining from two pieces - but we placed the seam in the back where it will be least visible.

short cape short cape short cape

making the cape 1

November 30, 2009: This weekend Karsten used some strong linen to strengthen the fabric around the cape fastening. He also finished the seam along the front and neckline (we do all visible seams by hand). We still have to do the lower seam, but we want to let the fabric hang for a while before that.

short cape short cape short cape

making the cape 2

July 22, 2010: We finished the cape along with many other things in time for De Quaeye Werelt in antwerp... Here it is, worn over the housebook doublet:

short cape short cape short cape short cape

finished short cape