fringed cap

A cap with long, hanging fringes appears quite frequently in late 15th century artwork. It is often worn by men with long, open and curled hairstyle so I thought it would suite Karsten quite well :-)

sol venus bath house duerer
meckenem knight & lady meckenem card-playing couple pair of lovers, housebook master pair of lovers, master bxg

fringed caps worn by men

How the cap is worn varies: The fringes can hang loosely to one side (picture 2 & 3), to all sides (picture 1 & 6), or they appear to be knotted (picture 7 & 8). Often, the lower edge of the cap (or part of it) is turned back to reveal the inside (picture 2-6, 7 & 8). Other than the gaily striped cap in the self-portrait of Albrecht Dürer, none of the images are coloured. So its hard to tell wether they were lined or if the lining had a contrasting colour. The width of the fringes varies, but in general appears rather thin (the widest examples are in picture 3).

The fringed cap is worn by women, as well (myself though, I'm lacking the braids for that style...):

sol bath house kroenleinstechen Hochwildjagd

fringed caps worn by women

The cut of the cap seems rather simple - it looks like a longish tube, one side worn over the head, the other cut into longish stripes that form the fringes. This pattern seems to work quite well -> have a look at this site as well.
I've decided to line the cap in a second colour - I think fringes in two colours might look well :-) The second advantage is that the cap can be turned completely and thus be worn with either one of the two colours on the outside.
I've cut two simple, rectangular pieces from green and blue wool (approximately 40 x 60 cm), and cut one half in long, thin stripes using a sharp scissor (picture 1). Then, I sewed the short ends of both pieces together, leaving me with two one-layered caps (picture 2). As I wanted a two-colour, turnable cap I sewed the bottom ends together, ending up with a one side green - one side blue cap (picture 3). It is long enough to fold back the lower part to reveal the different colour on the inside.

pattern inside & outside finished fringed cap

making the cap

Here are some pictures of Karsten with his new fringed cap (unfortunately all worn with the blue side out):

fringed cap fringed cap fringed cap

Karsten with fringed cap

Unfortunately, due to wear the 'fringes of the fringed cap are starting to fringe' slightly... :-) The fabric I've used is not felted enough. Before long I might have to make a new one - luckily that is not too much work!