linear paternoster with gold and amber beads

October 16, 2010: I made another rosary for Karsten. I picked rather expensive beads for this one: Lots of pretty, slightly irregularly shaped amber beads and decorative, gilded silver beads. I made a (hopefully long-lasting) thin, silken fingerloop cord for stringing the beads and added tassels of thicker silk thread in the same, dark blue color to both ends. Here are pictures of the 'Sunday' paternoster:

linear rosary, amber & gold linear rosary, amber & gold linear rosary, amber & gold

my paternoster with amber and gilded beads

Rather short linear paternosters with tassels are typically used by men. Here are some examples of (linear) paternosters with rather expensive beads (amber, pearl, gold or silver) from the artwork:

Arnolfini wedding Magdalen Reading Philippe de Croy Margaret of Austria

fancy paternosters

(bettina, october 2010)