Memling pearl necklace

There is that lady in a red dress in a painting of Hans Memling (the wife of the founder of the painting) who is wearing a beautiful pearl necklace... This summer I took another 'casting jewellery from wax model' course at the 'Volkshochschule'. (I participated in the first one together with Karsten to make some medieval finger rings.) This time, I wanted to make a pendant based on that pearl necklace:

Memling, Tryptichon des Weltgerichts Memling, Tryptichon des Weltgerichts Memling, Tryptichon des Weltgerichts

pearl necklace in Hans Memling painting

I bought a string of freshwater pearls, which are fortunately rather cheap nowadays. For the pendant itself I used flatish pearls I took from ear studs. The central gem is amber, because I rather like amber and I happened to find one in cabochon cut (Modern complicated cuts for gems were still unknown in the 15th century). The hanging pearl came from an ear ring, also. The raw material (without the silver) altogether did not cost more than around 30 EUR :-) During the course I cut sockets for the pearls and the amber cabochon from hard wax, sticked them together, attached rings for the pendant pearl and the necklace and finally had the whole thing cast in silver. Then I simply had to polish it and glue in pearls and amber... This is what the finished pendant looks like now (on a string of freshwater pearls):

pearl necklace, Bettina pearl necklace, Bettina

my necklace

I am also thinking about reproducing her dress (since I already have the necklace) but I want to try my hand at a Dürer dress first... But I have already found another pendant in a painting that I modeled in the next course...