little belt hook man

Well, men in medieval Re-enactment can attach various pretty things to their belt (like kidney shaped leather bags with a dagger slung through the belt loops). Unfortunately, while women's dresses a usually far more modest... Yet, sometimes I want some pretty accessories (on the belt or elsewhere) as well! Fortunately, if you looks closely enough, you will find that women occasionally do wear things on their belt: Among these things are eating sets (knife and prickler in a leather sheath, see picture 2 and 3 below), pouch-shaped purses and belt hooks for keys (the latter is of interest here).
Keys were often worn visibly on the belt (by both men and women) as they respresented certain rights (or an office) of the wearer. As the head of the household, a wife would own a chain of keys. Here are some images of women wearing various belt hooks with keys attached to their belts:

birth of mary Bethlehemitischer Kindermord annunciation

keys attached to women's belts

Additionally, I found two surviving belt hooks in the Imareal database (see images below). The one on the right, in the shape of a little man, is especially cute and I wanted to make myself a similar one... (I found it very hard to BUY one - there's a lack of traders offering belt hooks... The only one I found is a bit rough and ugly - see below)

belt hook with keys man (belt hook)

surviving belt hooks

April 05, 2010: I cut my little belt hook man from a (very) hard, rectangular block of wax (picture 1), a task that was not very easy - thats why the little man is maybe a little less detailed than I would have liked him to be. As well, he turned out somewhat stocky... I had him casted in bronze (picture 2), which unfortunately made him bend his little head a little to his left. Still, since he is polished (picture 3) I do like him much better than the old, bought one (picture 4).

my belt hook, wax my belt hook, bronze my belt hook, polished my belt hook, old

from wax to belt hook

Well, the little belt hook man might look finished, but it still misses the hook that will eventually attach him to my belt... I've bought a brass sheet for cutting out the hook, but that will have to wait at least till the end of the Easter weekend (too noisy for a holiday if you have neighbours living above and below).

May 16, 2010: Now, actually it IS finished! Karsten added a brass belt hook to the back of the little man: It's cut from 0.8 mm thick brass sheet, polished to get rid of sharp edges and riveted in place. He also added a bronze ring to the mouth of the 'wind-spirit'-face. The keys (one brass, two pewter) are attached to the ring with brass chains. No tiptoeing and sneaking with this thing - it jingles and jangles as I move :-)

my key chain my key chain
my key chain my key chain

the finished little, bronze man-shaped belt hook with keys

September, 2011: By now, if you want a belt hook as well, there are nice ones for sale - check Lorifactor's website.